Tuesday, March 25, 2014

OKPIK Cold Weather Camping Program
An Epic Winter Adventure

Northern Tier is the home to the Boy Scouts of America’s Cold Weather Camping Development Center and the Premier Cold Weather Camping Program known as OKPIK.

Every winter, hundreds of Scouts head to the North Woods of Minnesota to experience the highest of high adventures.  Trips begin by meeting your “Interpreter” who is a trained Northern Tier staff member that will help you learn everything you need to know to have a tremendous experience in subzero temperatures.  Northern Tier provides full outfitting for your trek including most winter clothing items. 

After you are fully outfitted you will spend your first night in a heated rustic cabin. In the morning, after a filling breakfast, you will head out to explore the wonders of a winter wilderness. You’ll have the opportunity to build snow shelters, ice fish, snowshoe/cross-country ski and learn about life in the cold while exploring frozen pristine wilderness lakes and forests. See the clear night sky, listen to the wolves howl and hear the ice groan while toughing through the winter elements through centuries old techniques and knowledge.

"I love the snow! For me, traveling through winter environments was the best part of the day. Then, after getting to our campsite for the night, we built a quinzee. Outside, it got to probably -25 degrees, whereas inside the quinzee, it was probably 25 or 30 degrees. That's probably the best sleep I've had on a campout in a long time. Sleeping in something that I built was probably the best part of the experience."

        ~Past OKPIK Participant

OKPIK is known as the best winter adventure the BSA offers.  Come to OKPIK and experience “Wilderness Adventures that Last a Lifetime!”


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