Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Forest Corps Program Enters Second Season! Sign up today!

Forest Corps participants bravely join their two fearless Instructors venturing out into the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness (BWCAW), embracing both the trials and triumphs of the trail. While enjoying a canoe trip in the Wilderness, participants challenges themselves mentally and physically by helping the US Forest Service perform vital trail and campsite repair and attending educational sessions to learn about the ecology of the area.

Designed to teach young adults about important concepts of responsible land management, practical conservation skills, and the ethics of Leave No Trace, the Forest Corps program is an amazing co-educational offering Northern Tier provides for Scouts and Venturers ages 14 to 21. While focusing on environmental education components, leadership principles are infused throughout the program to aid the students in becoming young outdoor leaders. Specifically targeted to Venturers, the elements of this program allow for scouts to complete various components of their Ranger Award while on the trip.
With the education and guidance of their leaders, the students are placed in a unique learning environment where they are free to discover and make connections about how their actions can impact the greater world. Through the medium of experiential education, students are able to grasp the notion that wilderness areas, like the BWCAW, would not exist if their generation did not care about protecting and managing these beautiful, natural places. One of the aims for the Forest Corps program is to create land stewards who have a positive connection with the land around them. The program teaches scouts to develop a passion for conservation and advocate for the protection of natural places so these spectacular recreation areas exist for the enjoyment of generations to come.

Why participate? This program is an incredible opportunity to learn about interesting topics such as forest fire ecology, geology, natural history, ecosystems and low impact wilderness travel in a fun and non-traditional way - through experiences outside in nature! You get to work and play outside for two weeks - rain or shine - working alongside some of the coolest people you will ever meet. You also will gain practical conservation and land management skills while working with the US Forest Service.

Why send your Scout/Venturer? Two trained, highly knowledgeable outdoor professionals will instruct participants on the different elements of the trip and train them in the proper handling and use of conservation tool. In addition to environmental education, both instructors have training in wilderness medicine, Leave No Trace and group management skills. These certifications are industry standards and provide instructors with the proper guidelines for effectively leading and developing the potential in participants.

This two week co-educational experience has the capacity to educate today’s youth about important environmental concepts and inspires the confidence to become an effective leader- not only in the outdoors but in every aspect of their life. Participants are encouraged to take what they learn home and educate their communities at about these important environmental concerns explored during their time serving and playing in the BWCAW. The elements of this program hope to inspire corps members to freely learn about their relationships with ecosystems, and what they can do to protect them. The Forest Corps program will most definitely deliver a wilderness experience that lasts a lifetime!

For more information visit www.ntier.org, email info@ntier.org or call 218.365.4811.

See you Up North!

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